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that loves paper


I love making zines that play with the expectation of what a zine is supposed to be. For instance: a half-paper, half-digital interactive story; a sticker book; a full-color magazine. But I also sometimes just draw the Shark Tank intro.


Pouch is a new fanzine for stationery lovers! Issue 1 is launching in April 2024. It includes over 50 pages of full-color content and features work from 9 creatives across 5 countries. A5 size (5.83" x 8.27") staple-bound booklet.

In issue 1:

  • A gallery of journal layouts from the community
  • An exclusive interview with @nikki.kaigi
  • Pouch Picks: Stationery products to buy and try
  • Review of MakeID M1 Label Maker for labels & journaling
  • What to do if your hand hurts when hand-writing
  • Ideas on how to use up empty notebooks
  • A DIY on how to make your own Kuchipatchi coaster
  • And more!!

Pouch will be at Milwaukee Zine Fest and Stationery Fest in 2024.

NOTE: I'm treating Issue 1 as a pilot issue of the magazine! There WILL be a Pouch Issue 2, but I want to get feedback before commiting to a publishing cadence. If you want to see Pouch continue, please buy the first issue and provide feedback after reading! ✨

Receipt Printer RPG

A story that's possibly about turning into a printer. A choose-your-own-adventure-style zine with 5 different endings!!

This is an experimental interactive story that is half-played in a physical zine, and half-played on a smartphone. Quarter-size (4.25" x 5.5") staple-bound booklet.

To play you need:

  • A pen
  • A phone that can read QR codes
  • This zine!

No printers necessary.... besides yourself, of course 🤫

Currently being sold at Desert Island Comics.

Toaster: Sticker Zine Vol 1

Toaster ( is my friend's cat who is very stickerable. So with my friend's blessing (and Toaster's blessing), I made this zine!

This is a sticker book of Toaster's adventures. Each picture of Toaster is actually a sticker! 2.75" x 3.5" staple-bound booklet.


  • 12 pages printed in black & white
  • 7 full-color vinyl stickers
  • Easy-peel stickers: the white outline is the backing of the sticker (not part of the sticker itself), so each Toaster sticker comes off easily!

WHO ARE THE SHARKS: Shark Tank Fanzine

A Shark Tank zine that I made in 2017. The second zine I ever made! I fear it may be the best zine I ever make. 2.75" x 3.875" booklet folded using this technique.


Gumroad Staff Pick, January 2024.